Satellite Christian Holy Land Maps: Unique Christian gift. Perfect Bible study tool. Exceptional Educational value. Jehovah writing. Bethlehem. Nazareth. Jerusalem. The Jordan river. The Sea of Galilee.
Christian Holy Land Maps (Posters): Unique Christian Gift. Perfect Bible Study Tool.

Nazareth… Jerusalem… Bethlehem… the Jordan River… the Sea of Galilee… Do you know the names? Of course you do! These places were part of the greatest events of all time, and are sited at the very heart of the Holy Bible. Many times, when you were reading the Bible, you must have thought about them, imagined how they look… But do you really know where they are? Do your kids know? Not exactly… Well, wouldn’t you like to know? Shouldn’t you?!  


Dear Friend,

Are you one of the millions who wish they could actually visit the Holy Land, and see it with their very eyes? Chances are  you too share that desire. We all do. But the Holy Land is very far away. Few of us can afford the expenses, the time, the hurdles of the long journey…  

click on image to enlargeUnique Christian Gift. Perfect Bible study tool - Christian Map of Judea: Jehovah writing, Jerusalem, Jericho, Bethlehem, Beth Shemesh, Valley of Elah, Mount Nebo, Sodom and Gomorrah, the Dead Sea and many more

Christian Map of Judea

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Well now, for the first time ever, thanks to revolutionary American satellite technology, you can see these Bible places – and many more – without ever leaving your home! Feel the excitement and inspiration as you follow Jesus’ footsteps in the Holy Land, from the comfort of your armchair!


At that point, you must be asking yourself – well, how is that possible? How can I really see Bible places without actually visiting the Holy Land?! The answer lies in a revolutionary new concept called the geo-historical satellite map! Unlike conventional maps, these maps are based on actual photos, taken by American Landsat satellites over the Holy Land.

Yes, that is true! The creators of these unique maps have used amazing satellite pictures of the Holy Land, and combined them with historical and Christian theological knowledge to form the Satellite Holy Land Christian Maps

click on image to enlargeUnique Christian Gift. Perfect Bible study tool - Christian Map of Galilee: the Sea of Galilee, Tiberias, Nazareth, Mount Tabor, Capernaum, Mount Gilboa and many more

Christian Map of Galilee

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Sale Price: $19.97



In order to achieve the highest level of detail possible, two maps were created: Satellite Christian Map of Galilee covers places like Nazareth,

Capernaum and the Sea of Galilee, and Satellite Christian Map of Judea covers Jerusalem, Bethlehem, the Dead Sea, and many more. Printed in

large format (27” by 35” – that is large!), on the finest UV-processed photo paper, these maps will reveal to you the secrets and wonders of the Holy Land.


The whole Bible springs into life as you watch the land where it all happened. If you ever saw satellite pictures, you'd know how powerful they are! The satellite photo shows you the land with unrivaled accuracy, detail and live colors. Nothing escapes the satellite powerful cameras! Thanks to satellite technology, detail is so great that you can see hills, towns, roads and rivers. You can even see individual fields! And if you wonder how you will be able to locate and identify each place – well, no guesswork is required!


Every place of significance is marked on the maps, along with the text where it is mentioned in the Holy Bible. There are even small photos of the most important Christian sites, like the Basilica of the Nativity in Bethlehem and the Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth. Jesus’ travel and trails through the Holy Land are also clearly marked, for you to follow and marvel!

           Unique Land, Unique Places   

Just consider the places you could be able to see - click on the name and see how this place looks on the map (the actual size on the map may be smaller or bigger depending on your computer settings):

Bethlehem (<-- click on the name and see how it looks on the map ) - Basilica of the Nativity

Jerusalem  (<-- click on the name and see how it looks on the map ) - Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and the Garden Tomb

The Jordan River (<-- click on the name and see how it looks on the map )  - John the Baptist’s Baptism Site

Mount Tabor (<-- click on the name and see how it looks on the map )  - Mount of Transfiguration

Nazareth (<-- click on the name and see how it looks on the map ) - Church of the Annunciation

Capernaum (<-- click on the name and see how it looks on the map )   - Simon Peter’s house

The Sea of Galilee (<-- click on the name and see how it looks on the map )

And many, many more… I believe, you will be thrilled to find references to the exact places where these names are mentioned in the Holy Bible, as well as selected verses from Luke, Mathew, John and other books.

Places and Heroes of the Old Testament     

Your excitement does not end with the Gospels! The Satellite Holy Land Christian Maps also show the places  of the Old Testament! Just click on the name and see the samples for yourself:

Sodom and Gomorrah, on which the Lord rained brimstone and fire out of heaven…

Mount Nebo, where the Lord showed Moses the Promised Land…

Jericho, the first town to be conquered by Joshua…

Valley of Ellah, where David triumphed over the Philistine with a sling and a stone…

Mount Gilboa, where King Saul fell on his sword…

      Exceptional Educational Value - Unique Bible Study Tool

If you have children you undoubtedly give the highest regard to their education. And you should – this is the key to their whole future and life! You send them to the right schools, and give them the best Christian values and education. But if you are like most parents, you often find yourself wondering – is that enough? Is there more I can do? And let’s face it – children today grow in a world that is very different than what it used to be when you or I were kids.

We believe that sound business principles and true Christian values go perfectly hand in hand!

We will actually donate 10% of our proceeds to the World Vision Charity!

We feel that it is only fair that some of the proceeds that come from the Holy Land Christian Satellite Maps should be used for the benefit of the community! 

Children are exposed to violence on TV, sex in commercials, improper content on the Internet… There’s a lot of questionable visual influence out there! Are your children exposed? Are they immune? You may fend off this influence with real values! Use the striking visual view of the Holy Land – one of the most beautiful places on Earth – to captivate their minds towards what is really important. Tell them, and show them! The impact could be very powerful. The Holy Land Christian Satellite Maps are a perfect complement to the verbal religious education your kids are already getting.

Just Imagine this… You gather your children around you, and show them the Holy Land. You describe the places, weaving in the great events that took place there. The Bible stories come to life in their minds… You can see the excitement in their eyes as they look up to you for more information and detail. Can you feel the satisfaction inside you? You know that you have just taken one more step in their proper education! 

Discover amazing Jehovah “writing” near Bethel

click on image to discover Jehovah "writing"Amaze your friends and family – show them the Bethel Jehovah writing on the Satellite Christian Map of Judea!

The Holy Land holds many secrets and wonders. This one was only revealed once high quality satellite images of the Holy Land became available. Bethel is a small town north of Jerusalem. This is where Abraham first called God by the sacred name of Jehovah. In ancient Hebrew, the name 'Jehovah' is composed of four letters.

An amazing thing can be seen south of Bethel, when looking at the Jerusalem map “sideways” (rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise). One can clearly see the name 'Jehovah' “written” in Hebrew by the topography of the hills! Can you believe it? Remember, there is no way Abraham or anyone else of his time could have seen the writing. It is simply not visible from the land.  Amaze your friends and family – show them the Bethel Jehovah writing on the Satellite Christian Map of Judea!

Perfect Christian Gift

Are you looking for a special gift? Is it “this time of year”, or do you just want to give a gift to a loved one? Is it a birthday, an anniversary, a new home inauguration? There is always an opportunity to give something special, and I bet you are tired of the mundane gifts you see being given around again and again… Don’t you want something different, something they will remember and cherish… something they have never seen before?

Well, what is more cherished, unique and special than the Holy Land? Is there anywhere more beautiful? Quite frankly, I don’t think so… and neither will your loved ones as they open the box and reveal the magnificent Christian Holy Land Maps…

It is absolutely the perfect gift! Affordable, beautiful, inspiring, original, impressive and so representative of the values you believe in. A perfect combination! 

Take an advantage of our low Super Sale prices NOW!    

Well, the First and Only Geo-Historical Satellite Maps of the Holy Land could be yours today! We currently have a limited quantity of the Holy Land Maps, and they are likely to go fast! You can buy each map for a low price of $24.97 $19.97+S&H. This is more than 20% off the list price of $31.95! Or buy both maps and get an additional 10% discount, for a total bargain price of only $44.87 $35.87+ S&H.

Embellish your home with these beautiful artworks! Be the first to show your family, friends and neighbors! Take advantage of these unique geo-historical maps to educate your children, friends or your students, and strengthen their faith in the Bible – hurry up and get yours today! Just have your credit card ready and place your order now!  I will promptly ship your Christian Holy Land Maps.  

Please note, your Credit card will not be billed until the products you've ordered have been shipped. We currently only ship within USA and Canada. For details on ordering, returns and privacy policy,  please check our Policies and Shipping Information.

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Unprecedented Guarantee!

And in case you are wondering: “but what if I don’t like them?...”. Worry not! We have a true iron-clad 100% money-back guarantee! If you are not absolutely satisfied with the Holy Land Maps, if you are not totally happy with your purchase – just return them back (in their original box and condition, please) and I will promptly refund your money. No delays and no quibbles!

And just to show you how confident I am that you will simply love them – I will extend that guarantee to 90 days! Not the standard 15 to 30 days you normally get with similar offers – you get 90 days, 3 full months, to make up your mind. That’s how confident I am that you will want to keep them!

So, there you have it - absolutely no risk. And yet so much to gain! With zero risk, why would you possibly not give it a try? There is no reason! Ordering is very simple. All you have to do follow this link. Take an advantage of our low Super Sale prices – hurry up and get yours today! The Super Sale will not last forever!

I expect to hear from you, real soon!


 God Bless,

John Saint Etienne



P.S. When you buy the Holy Land Christianity Satellite Maps you directly make a contribution to your community: we will donate on quarterly basis a full 10% of all profits from sales of the Holy Land Christian Satellite Maps to the World Vision Charity. I know the maps will fill your home with love and joy, and will help bring your children even closer to Jesus and to the Holy Bible. And I believe that you would want the poor and the needy to share that love and compassion! The money donated to the World Vision Charity goes towards food, clothing, shelter and other forms of Mercy – all for the benefit of the most unfortunate members of our community. Is there a better cause?

Follow the footsteps of Jesus, literally and in Spirit! Help us spread the Christian love and compassion to the ones who need it most. We cannot do it without you!





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